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Chakra healing activations to access more of your essence

Chakra Healing Activations to Access More of Your Essence

Get to know our new speaker from Sweden: Mia Kafkios. Mia is an energy therapist, healer and trance channel with more than two decades of experience

Our auric filed and different energy bodies are evolving fast now. Our chakra system can be profoundly upgraded and updated if we open our auric filed and clear what is to be completed and dissolved.

In this chakra healing activation, we will work with the 7 primary chakras. We will go thru the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels for deep clearing and healing so we can dive into and receive an activation of each chakra and energy centre. This work will assist us to reach deeper levels of our true authentic selves, feeling energetically, more ease and grace on our present spiritual and inner growth journey.

It is always very powerful when we get together with a strong commitment to do an important energy work on specific time. That intention and strong willingness will assist us individually, on a group level and on a collective level to really receive the highest light codes. I really look forward doing this healing activation together with as many as possible of you dear ones, so we can create a strong high vibrational field and experience a strong spiritual journey together.

Much love,


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Mia Kafkios

Channel medium and healer, SE

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Mia Kafkios

is an Energy Therapist, Healer, and Trance Channel with 27 years of experience. She has been working with many souls to help them break the wheel and make a shift in their lives.

Mia regularly gives online teachings and retreats, and has been doing many events with Tim Whild.


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